Acatenango Trek - Guatemala

This 2 day / 1 night excursion takes you to the slopes of the beautiful Acatenango Volcano.

In the camp we will have a lot of time to appreciate the sounds and images of Volcan Fuego's violent volcanic eruptions. On the morning of the 2nd day, our group will greet the Acatenango peak (3,975 m / 12,720 feet - the third highest volcano in Guatemala), admiring the panoramic view from the top. Eventually, we will descend down through a myriad of microclimates to return to Antigua in the early afternoon.

1st day: excursion to the camp

Our group departs from the Old Town Outfitters store at 8:00 am, where you can fill yours
water bottles and purchase any additional equipment that you may need. Hikers should have breakfast in advance and pack a small snack on the way. An hour's drive takes us from Antigua to the mountain village of La Soledad, perched on the ridge of the peaceful side of the Volcan Acatenango. The Volcan Acatenango trail up has four distinct microclimates, each of which will take around an hour to traverse them. We will start by walking up a steep path through the local agricultural fields - the same path used by local villagers every morning to access their fields of corn, peas and lilies. Our first hour of hiking will be to help you acclimatize and warm up your leg muscles for the daily hike.

The second phase of our ascent passes through the ancient growing tropical forest. In this
environmental zone, we find some of the oldest trees in Acatenango, an incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna, fresh mountain air and sounds of local birds and wild animals. This type of high mountain rainforest is located on the upper slopes of many of Guatemala's highest volcanoes and mountains, and is home to the famous Quetzal.

After leaving the rainforest, we will be rewarded with fantastic views of the other volcanoes plateau (Atitlan, Toliman, San Pedro, Santa Maria, Santo Tomas, Tajamulco), along with glimpses
of the Cuchumatanes mountain range. A nice picnic is prepared in the middle of the day for our group.
The temperate coniferous forest and the dry tropical forest characterize the third phase of our ascent, which will lead us to the tree line beaten by the volcano storm. Our campsite is perched just below the tree line with sweeping views of the Antigua valley and Fuego volcano. After setting up the camp, hikers are free to rest, relax and enjoy the surroundings while our guide prepares a fresh camp dinner
~ 3750 m with hot tea and coffee.

2nd day: Summating Acatenango

In the morning, after a breakfast at the camp, our group embarks on a 45-minute ascent to the top on a gravel of sand and gravel dotted with dwarf pines and alpine mosses. The path to the top is the steepest we have ever seen and leads to the rocky peak exposed to the gusty and cold winds that constantly pass over the Acatenango peak.

At the summit, our group will rest and enjoy unprecedented 360-degree views over all the highlands of Guatemala - all the way to the Mexican border. After 45 minutes on the summit the group will begin the 3 hour descent towards La Soledad. Our group has the opportunity to descend through an alternative route along Volcan Acatenango, experiencing a variety of microclimates and beautiful slopes. From La Soledad, return to Antigua, arrival in the afternoon with plenty of time to enjoy the delights of the old Spanish colonial capital (~ 13:00).


What's included

  • Round-trip transportation from the Old Town Outfitters office in Antigua
  • All park entrance tickets + local guide from the community of La Soledad
  • Packed lunch, dinner and breakfast + freshly prepared juice / coffee / tea and snacks
  • Sleeping bags, mattresses and comfortable tents for camping at high altitude
  • Complete tour of Volcan Acatenango by a local bilingual guide with certified first aid training



What is excluded

  • Trekking shoes or trekking shoes (without sandals)
  • Large capacity backpack (35L +) with rain cover
  • A warm and / or windproof layer
  • Rain jacket (May to October)
  • Cold weather clothing for night temperatures close to freezing at the camp
  • Toiletries and / or personal medications
  • Camera, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • 4 liters of water (minimum)
  • Electric torch
  • TIP for a great service from the guide of the historical center!

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