Efesto in Greek mythology is the God of fire had its forges in the bowels of Etna and in the Aeolian Islands, in Vulcano, Stromboli, Lipari; in fact the Island of Vulcano takes its name from the Latin god of Fire, Vulcano. The Aeolian Islands are truly a magical place, not only for the scenic beauty, but above all because they are the cradle of the myths that refer us to our roots, lands that recall the charm of the goddess of love, the strength of the god of fire and the impetuosity of the wind god.

Here in this land was born the "Efesto Viaggi" project, Tour Operator and DMC agency specializing in incoming to the Aeolian Islands. I introduce myself I am Giuseppe born and raised in Lipari I know the area perfectly and I care about the growth and development of these islands on which I have decided to invest and create a future. To help me in this adventure there will be my partner Leslie, born in Central America and has lived many years in Chile and Patagonia, other territories rich in natural beauty, culture and many volcanoes ... And this is also what we wanted to focus on in this project, to offer our customers many “Volcanic Experience Adventures” in the Aeolian Islands, in America and all over the world.

Efesto Viaggi - Volcanic Trips Worldwide


The agency is affiliated to the "Gruppo Info Vacanze" network. The operating office is in Via Porta Est 20 in Marcon (VE).
Commercial office (not open to the public) in Vico Brenta 9 in Lipari (ME).

- License ag. travel and T.O. issued by the Veneto region on 08/27/2019 decree 133.
- REA: VE-429563
- Europ Assistance Civil Liability Policy n ° 4196879
- Amitravel Protection Guarantee Fund Policy n ° 10014299000566
- Agency owner: Giuseppe Gullifa - Technical Director: Dr. Daniela Vecchiato

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