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Cruises to the Aeolian Islands individual charter

The sailing cruise is not reserved for a few! If you love to travel and meet new people and friends and adventure companions in the world of charter, individual boarding is the solution for you. Shopping will be more contained, you will still have your spaces and comforts at your disposal.

Whether you decide to go on board alone, as a couple or with a group of a few friends, you have the opportunity to occupy the necessary cabins and leave it to us to train the rest of the crew, which will be as close as possible to your needs. by age, tastes and requests.

You will enjoy a mix of relaxation and tranquility that the sailing charter boat is known to offer, but you can also venture to discover the islands; during the day with short trips from one island to another you will discover the most hidden bays ... swimming, snorkeling and the spectacle of a now forgotten silence. And in the evening decide whether to go ashore and enjoy some nightlife and nightlife or enjoy the bay by starlight ...

Our guides, expert connoisseurs of the Aeolian Islands, will be able to guide you and advise you in choosing the most interesting places, countries and sites to visit, compatibly with the weather conditions examined at the time.


Navigating towards the beautiful Aeolian Islands known for their incomparable coastal and underwater beauties and for the seabed among the richest marine species in the whole Mediterranean, means entering the marine world of the "Seven wonders of the Mediterranean", so the islands are also called, thanks to their extraordinary charm. Seven islands of volcanic origin, each one different from the other in its landscapes and character, the ideal environment to spend a week on a sailing boat in the name of relaxation, fun, sun and light-heartedness.

Weekly Cruise Example:

  • Day 1 - Saturday

    boarding at 19:00: Lipari - Marina Lunga Our tour starts from Lipari, where, from 19:00 on Saturday, our guests can embark at the "Portosalvo" pier, in Marina Lunga, the fourth floating pier at about 250 meters. from the dock of the hydrofoils.We will be there waiting for you! "You will get to know" our boats closely and, as soon as we get in to get a little familiar with the new spaces, we will proceed with the allocation of the cabins; you will have time to arrange your things and recover from the journey; one of the funniest moments will be the "very bad" briefing with the Skipper, which will allow us to get to know each other a little better!If you want to go out we will be happy to accompany you for dinner and try one of the many typical Aeolian restaurants together; it will also be an excellent opportunity to get to know us and get to know the Aeolian Islands, also famous for their cuisine. Otherwise on board, there will still be nothing to enjoy an excellent relaxing dinner ... After that, those who are not yet tired of the day and do not want to go back immediately on board to lie down in the cabin, will be able to enjoy a walk through the streets of the center of Lipari, animated by several outdoor venues with live music ...

  • Day 2 - Sunday

    Panarea (12 Miles)On Sunday mornings, the moorings are released ... maybe after making a trip to the fish shop to buy excellent fresh fish from Giuseppe for lunch! As soon as you set sail, you will notice what the sailors talk when they tell you, kidnapped, of the sea and its poetry ... "I am a citizen of the most beautiful country in the world. A country with tough but simple laws, which never cheats, immense and without frontiers, where life flows in the present .... "wrote Bernard Moitessier; only the sailboat and its silences, its colors and its scents can give you such intoxicating moments. The sense of freedom it gives is unparalleled, the proximity to the sea never taken for granted and always a surprise ... you will learn to appreciate it throughout the week and it will be difficult then to return with your feet on the ground!We will immediately head towards the crystal clear waters of the Pumice quarries for a first swim. Here the water, Caribbean and transparent, is an invitation to dive; the show is suggestive: on the sea, of a very clear and almost vitreous blue, for the pumice deposits on the bottom, the old walkways that were once used to bring loads of pumice directly to the ships still jut out. There is no better way to start your vacation!We will sail pointing the bow on the island of Panarea, the most "snobbish", frivolous and holidaymaker of the seven, the "Capri" of the Aeolian Islands; we will have about 9 miles of navigation, which, if Aeolus is favorable, we will sail ... the sea breeze and the certain progress of the hull against the waves will accompany us along the way; there are those who enjoy the sun, those who enjoy a good book and those who take advantage of it for a well-deserved relaxation. We will make the first stop in Cala Zimmari on the side in Punta Milazzese, the perfect setting for a swim and why not, for an excellent lunch on the boat. A safe place with constant winds from N and NW, with sandy bottoms rich in poseidonia.In the late afternoon we will then decide whether to stop here for the night or, at sunset, move near the Dattilo rock in front of the village.At dusk the islands show themselves in all their beauty: the suggestion is given by the nature that bursts with extraordinary variety of colors and shades everywhere ... Panarea is exuberant, in all its manifestations, from the Calcara beach with the fumaroles, to the yellow sulfur from its rocks, in the steep walls of the western coast, in the columnar rocks of Basiluzzo and in the prismatic ones of the bay of Cala Junco.As always there are those who enjoy the sunset waiting to dine under the stars and those who cannot give up visiting the island ... for them it's time to go ashore! Along with walking through the streets of the town, and then finding ourselves at the Raya, a local and disco, yes, but also one of the many typical buildings of the town ... well-kept, down to the smallest detail, a terrace on the flat roof with traditional Aeolian houses, with arcades florid and colorful hibiscus, bougainvillea and rose gardens, all supported by round columns. Enjoy an aperitif on the Raya terrace, with soft lights, admiring Stromboli which, restlessly, puffs on the horizon is an experience that is worth this trip alone! But Panarea is also familiar: whether you choose to spend your evening at the disco, whether you choose to stroll along the alleys of the island or to return to the tranquility of the bay by boat to have dinner, we are sure that you will spend a wonderful evening.

  • Day 3 - Monday

    Stromboli (10 miles) Monday morning will be the turn of Basiluzzo, which by size is called the eighth Aeolian islands; only with the circumnavigation of the islet will we be able to admire its extraordinary coastal morphology consisting of small caves, high walls of lava stratifications and bizarre rock formations that rise as monuments from the sea.It is on the route to Stromboli that we will hear "Iddu" shouting, the most active volcano in Europe, so dear and feared by the islanders, unmistakable for its conical shape and the cloud of black smoke that stands almost perpetually on its top; the earth trembles on this island ... yet it is so difficult to separate from it! It will be the tongue of black and volcanic beach at the foot of the village of San Vincenzo that will host us at anchor during the night.In the afternoon it will be possible to go ashore to visit the country or for those who wish, climb the volcano with a guided tour that will take you right up to the mouth of the crater to admire its continuous eruptions. Once on the ground, it will be pleasant to meet on the terrace of the Ingrid Bar for an aperitif together; behind us the slope of the volcano illuminated by the small lighthouses of those who are preparing to face the descent and in front of us Strombolicchio, the rock that, a little less than a mile N / E of the island, rises majestically towards the sky with steep walls overlooking the sea, surmounted by the characteristic lighthouse.Dinner will be waiting for you by boat or if you wish, the evening will continue on land ... but you cannot miss the spectacle of the "Sciara del Fuoco", a steep and wide volcanic sand wall that cloaks the north / east coast of the island and on the which pour lava, lapilli and incandescent slag which from the crater ruin down to the sea and which we will reach with equipped boats and then return to the harbor for the night.

  • Day 4 - Tuesday

    Salina (20 miles) Salina awaits us! The largest of the islands, with an extraordinary and incomparable landscape variety. The morning and lunch will be dedicated to the Bay of Pollara, so dear to Massimo Troisi and made famous by the film "The postman", on which looms, mighty, a rocky amphitheater overlooking the sea which is nothing but what remains of the ancient mouth of an immense crater, once smoothed by fire and today by the sea; the beauty and charm of Pollara beach are enriched by a rock formation that creates a natural arch on the sea and by the small agglomerations of fishermen that overlook, high, from the slopes.  Just under half an hour of sailing to reach Santa Marina, anchor us in the harbor for a quick swim and get ready to visit the country, colored by the ever-present caper flowers and inebriated by the fruity taste of Malvasia ... there is to get lost here!You can be taken back by boat if dinner awaits you here; for the sweet tooth instead it's time to make a jump to Lingua for dinner; "pane cunzatu" and granita from Alfredo await you ... the evening walk along the beach will help us stretch our legs and recover from the excitement of dinner. For those who, tireless, still find the strength, Salina offers colorful meeting places in the evening.

  • Day 5 - Wednesday

    Filicudi (9 miles) On Wednesday morning we will sail to Filicudi ... we are striding towards the wildest part of the islands; sea ​​coasts and uncontaminated seabed in all their parts or glimpses are an invitation to nature; someone will find this peace unbearable, but most will fall in love with it ...Filicudi is alone and lost in this blue, beautiful to see her in the distance like a mirage ... who knows that some dolphin does not cross, fast and attentive, our route and accompany us, from the bow, showing us the way forward! Capo Graziano will host us for a swim and if you are an archeology lover, you can visit the Neolithic village here; then we will continue towards Pecorini a Mare, an agglomeration of fishermen's houses that "cling" tenaciously to the slopes of the island, as if they were grazing sheep. Filicudi is here as rough and wild as its depths ... those who love snorkeling will have fun.But time is running out and the Saloon, the legendary restaurant managed for years by Uncle Nino, waits for happy hour-loving holidaymakers… in droves we get off the boats to have a chat and a good aperitif and enjoy some taste from the stall of the two “wives ”Which, fully equipped and fierce, open the doors of the house and tempt us inexorably with their appetizers.Whether you want to help us prepare excellent fish on the boat or you want to stay ashore for dinner, know that in Filicudi the fish is always fresh! The fishermen bring it in the morning and the restaurateurs compete on the pier of the port to grab it ... who best reinterprets these unique flavors is the team of chefs from the Sirena, the restaurant with its splendid flowered terrace overlooking the sea and the boats in the harbor from a hidden corner of Pecorini; leave a free corner for dessert and ask for the "shameless", an open cannolo stuffed with fresh ricotta and melted chocolate that will reconcile you with the world ... what an allusion to this mythical name!

  • Day 6 - Thursday

    Vulcano (17 miles) On Thursday morning, as soon as you wake up, breakfast is on your way to the west coast of Filicudi to admire closely "La canna", a rock formation of an eruptive nature that rises from the sea to a height of about 74 meters above sea level; the show is unparalleled and diving in swimming towards the islet of Montenassari, half a horde of seagulls, will be a splendid "walk".Two rituals not to be missed in these crystal clear waters: go with the tender towards the Grotta del Bue Marino, where the blue and green of the sea are lost in the darkness of the interior of the cave by breaking on the almost invisible rocky beach and go inside the rocky arch of Perciato, even swimming: plays of light and sun rays are lost in 15 meters of seabed.After lunch, we set sail towards Vulcano, west bay to prepare for an eventful evening in town for lovers of nightlife or for a nice evening of chat and company in the tranquility of the bay protected by winds and curious eyes ... the only way which crosses the town teems with cafés, restaurants and boutiques; then the beaches are animated by the Ciringuiti, small bars by the sea where music is not missing until late at night

  • Day 7 - Friday

    Vulcano - Lipari Oh yes, it's the day of the return to Lipari ... but the day is long and the holiday is far from over! For those who want, the morning is the ideal time to climb the Volcano, a peaceful and painless walk or, for the more enjoy, the breakfast with granita and brioche from Remigio from great satisfactions! Taking a relaxing bath in the sulphurous waters of the island is also an excellent moment of relaxation. All ready, we will move to the west side of Vulcano. One of the most usual stages is that near the Grotta del Cavallo and the pools of Venus. The coast offers a changing succession of colors and the haste to return to the port can wait: a last swim at sunset in the shadow of the Faraglioni di Lipari is the worthy conclusion of this wonderful week spent together. Alas, we have to go back! We head towards Lipari, where we will return to Marina Lunga. Getting your feet back on the ground will be hard, but we will console ourselves with an excellent dinner all together to pay homage to this beautiful week spent together!

  • Saturday morning, Lipari

    Disembarkation in the morning at 8.30 and WE HOPE THAT THIS IS A "SEE YOU SOON"!

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