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Costa Fascinosa: 8 days (7 nights) from Copenhagen. Price from € 769 (flight available not included).

Copenhagen (Departure), Hellesylt, Geiranger, Molde, Haugesund, Göteborg, Warnemünde, Copenhagen (Arrival).

Costa Fascinosa

the fjords


  • Day 1 - Copenhagen

    Departure 17:30 Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is the country's financial and industrial center, but also one of Scandinavia's largest cities. It is a very avant-garde tourist destination that will seduce us with its countless attractions, the beauty of its landscapes and its important historical and cultural heritage. Copenhagen would also deserve the title of the most livable city on the planet. With a marked sensitivity towards ecotourism and sustainability, the port of Copenhagen is certainly the best starting point for cruises in the capitals of northern Europe. But it is the city itself that attracts tourists from all over the world every year for the beauty it can offer. The famous little mermaid statue, a representation of the character released by Christian Andersen's pen, is only one of the obligatory stops on your Copenhagen cruise. Not far away, there is also the seventeenth-century fortification of Kastellet, where you can enjoy one of the best views of the port of Copenhagen. If, on the other hand, during your trip to Copenhagen you want to visit a castle, take an excursion to the seventeenth-century Rosenborg palace, inside which there are many jewels of incomparable beauty and the famous hall of mirrors. Located in a green oasis inhabited by wild animals, the Gardini di Tivoli are the most popular amusement park in the city. For a quiet stroll along the canals accompanied by a coffee, the Nyhavn district of the old port will be perfect. Not to be missed during your holiday in Copenhagen: • The Tivoli gardens • The Nyhavn neighborhood • Rosenborg Castle

  • Day 2


  • Day 3 - Hellesylt - Geiranger

    Hellesylt Arrival 08:00 Departure 09:00 The Norway of fjords and wild nature, waterfalls and clear lakes is what we discover by stopping in Hellesylt. Hellesylt is a small village located within the Sunnylvsfjord, south west of Norway. These are pretty traditional houses surrounded by unspoiled nature. Upon arrival you can admire the port, an ancient port used by the Vikings, while from the hill overlooking the city you can enjoy an extraordinary view. During the stop in Hellesylt, remember to visit the Geirangerfjord, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can admire the famous waterfall of the seven sisters which descends from a very steep ridge. Not to be missed: • The Hellesyth waterfall • The Peer Gynt Galleriet • The Geiranger fjordGeiranger Arrival 11: 00Departure 18:00 The Geiranger fjord is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so it's no wonder that when we arrive in port we are breathless. The port of Geiranger is located at the foot of its small village in southern Norway. The Geirangerfjord, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, offers surprising natural scenery and unparalleled beauty. The countless waterfalls that descend from the rocks have given rise to the legends that you will discover during the excursion by boat. Take advantage of the stop in Geiranger to admire the beautiful views of the fjord offered by our excursion in the mountains. Not to be missed: • The waterfalls of the seven sisters • The fjord interpretation center • Mountain farms

  • Day 4 - Molde

    Molde Arrival 07:00 Departure 15:00 Molde, is a small town in Norway located in the county of Møre og Romsdal, is known as "city of roses", a romantic peculiarity made even more extraordinary by the fact that, Molde, rises at a latitude of 62 degrees which allows its growth . For this reason it has been nicknamed the city of roses because of the many roses that are found in its gardens, it is located on a magnificent fjord in southwestern Norway. Born in 1742, Molde, today has about 21 thousand inhabitants: its development has been very recent, certainly helped by tourism but, above all, by industry and commerce. In terms of tourism, the Museum of Romsdal is of great importance. Once you arrive at the port of Molde, visit the Romsdal museum where the different regional buildings and interiors from the 16th to the 19th century are exhibited. Finally, take advantage of the stop to take a road surrounded by greenery that will take you to the Varden viewpoint. From here you can enjoy an unmissable view of the city, the beautiful Romsdal fjord and the 222 surrounding snow-capped peaks. Not to be missed during your holiday in Molde: • Panorama Varden • Romsdal museum • Romsdal mountains

  • Day 5 - Haugesund

    Haugesund Arrivo 07:30 Partenza 16:00 Haugesund è un porto della Norvegia toccato dalla nostra crociera Costa nel nord Europa. Città vitale e giovane è piena di energia positiva. Situata sulla costa sud ovest della Norvegia, non troppo lontano da Bergen, Haugesund è una città portuale di almeno 40.000 abitanti. Qui puoi passeggiare lungo il porto osservando i pescatori o fare un giro sull'Haraldsgata, la via dei negozi dove piena di bar e ristoranti. La città è un luogo culturalmente vivace che ospita ogni anno svariati festival, ma è anche il punto di partenza di escursioni e passeggiate nei dintorni. Dal porto di Haugesund, potrai recarti sull’isola di Utsira dove troverai numerosi uccelli rari che potrai osservare da capanni appositamente costruiti. Da non perdere: • Spiaggia di Karmøy • Steinsfjellet • Utsira

  • Day 6 - Goteborg

    Gothenburg Arrival 10:30 Departure 17:30 The port of Gothenburg welcomes our Costa cruise in northern Europe. Sweden has the strength of a mountain and the beauty of a flower. Take advantage of the stop in Gothenburg to discover a magnificent archipelago located in the south • west of Sweden. Important economic and industrial center of the country, Gothenburg is also one of the most interesting cultural centers of Scandinavia. After a visit to the magnificent museums of the city and the fishermen's villages with picturesque architecture, you can taste some local seafood specialties before visiting the paradisiacal islands of the archipelago and admire the beauty of the wild nature and the variety of fauna and flora. Not to be missed: • The Söhss Museum • The island of Styrsö • The church of Oscar Fredrik

  • Day 7 - Warnemünde

    Warnemunde Arrival 08: 00Departure 19:00 The port of Warnemunde, in Germany, is still marked by the division between east and west. Interesting restaurants in the port with a thousand gastronomic proposals. A port city on the Baltic Sea, Warnemunde still bears the traces of the separation between the East and West Germans, while the typical buildings of the time now coexist with modern infrastructure. The port of Warnemunde is one of the longest marinas on the continent and from here you can discover dozens of shops and restaurants that will offer you souvenirs and local dishes. You can also explore Rostock's lighthouse and Teepot, then visit St. Peter's Church, an ancient Gothic building built in the architectural style typical of East Germany. Not to be missed: • Church of St. Peter of Rostock • Regional Museum of Warnemünde • Warnemünde lighthouse

  • Day 8 - Copenhagen

    Copenhagen Arrival 08:30

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